MedProx™ is a patient specific medication dispensing solution designed to place distribution in proximity to patient care. Managing medication at the patient's bedside with MedProx™, eliminates potential errors made in administering medication by requiring correct identification of patients and medication at the point of care to be distributed. It's unique features provide multiple layers of security such as medication alerts, software controlled & manual override locks, user logins, etc.


MedProx™ is an adaptable solution that can be integrated as a fixed mount cabinet with a wall mounted workstation positioned at the patient’s bedside or as part of a mobile cart. MedProx™ can be integrated with fleets of new or pre-existing documentation carts, allowing hospitals to better utilize current equipment and minimize expenditures.


 The MedProx™ Patient ID Module increases patient safety by automating the process of unlocking each individual medication drawer by requiring the user to scan the patient’s ID band supporting the distribution of one medication being directly given to one patient at the bedside.


Active Directory provides a single Windows logon using one centralized user account managed by a single server to support multiple applications. This streamlined approach to account management allows IT departments to work more efficiently and provides a more user friendly experience for users.

Add the Single Sign-on feature and provide your users the ability to access multiple applications without having to logon each time an application is opened.


MedProx™ Systems consist of a MedProx™ medication dispensing cabinet managed by MedProx™ software which is integrated with a mobile or wall mount workstation.

MedProx software and hardware communicate together to control each individual patient medication bin, provide alerts to staff, and manage medication dispensing from that drawer by identifying the:
> Patient
> Drug Administrator
> Medication Inventory
> Medication & Dosage
> Dispensing Date & Time

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